WHAT WILL BE YOUR "2+0+1+7"=10

WHAT WILL BE YOUR "2+0+1+7"=10
 01/16/2017 12:00 AM

Well, I had to go forth and began to start making my "2017" journal come to "play". For instance, completing, self-publishing my 1st book and channeling/marketing the product, created my weblink for my upcoming business, outreaching to new resources,environments and links geared towards my vision to help me launch into the next deep. Sacrificing MORE..Writing MORE....Getting Involved MORE into Webinar mini courses for entreprenuership...and money management and mentorship. My confidence level has increased for the better because I am doing what I have the strong compassion to do and also finding my purpose with a plan .

So, I would like for you to share what you are doing this year that is a #10 in your plans and goals...or just leave a comment..


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