Its Been A VERY Long Time...But For The Better

Its Been A VERY Long Time...But For The Better
 11/06/2017 03:24 PM

When You Believe In Yourself...and that you can do anything that you desire to do and your PASSIONATE about it then it will succeed to taking you so far ALONG the way until you see the BIG PICTURE...of your becoming successful.

I have been away not due to #losing focus or interest in what I do because that would be foolery for me to be working SO VERY Hard and committed as not only being an Author/Creative Writer but also working towards and building up my self-publishing company#QueenPenGuruInk into a one day multi_millionaire legacy. I have been working on numerous projects that required these vital steps:

#1 Time and Effort

#2 Self-Marketing

#3Money, Investments and Extra Funding methods to circulate towards what I am currently doing

#4 Heavy Communications with other business resources that are affiliated with my projects

#5 God, Faith,Family and Focus....#6 Discipline..

So, this is where I have been and I must now return back to my weblink and blog and fulfill my purpose and please my audience/clients who is expecting me to deliver ,encourage and coach on here. 

However, I will be back posting once a month about upcoming projects, helpful resourceful info., Open minded ideas and Convos, Scheduling for client intake for my self-publishing program where I am a writing coach, mentor, and help those who is serious about their dreams to come to reality but with a person to push them when they want to fold....Now we ALL need that.!😊

So Know that I LOVE YOU ALL and I thank you for supporting me and I will be praying for everyones GOODWILL!!!

Until Next Month Have A Blessed, Safe Loving Week and Stay On Top of your# ##Dreams donot let them Stay On Top Of You...😉🐝

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