AAMBC Red Carpet 2017 Awards Adventure

AAMBC Red Carpet 2017 Awards Adventure
 06/15/2017 12:00 AM

As I promised my audience that I would share my adventure which was a three day event AAMBC Red Carpet event hosted by the lovely, founder and creator Ms.Tamika Newhouse who is also an well known Author/CEO of DelphinePublishing Co..This awesome event is held once every year. Their were various awesome special guest their to perform, legendary and the  honorable Author/Activist Nikki Giovanni was there to grace us there with her beautiful, blessed talented presence and smile...I and my brother who attended the event with me was so honored to be able to speak with her and taken a photo with her. A host of superb authors, actors ,actresses and beautiful guest and staff in the entire place during the evening.

Classy atmosphere....Everyones attire was simply versatile, glam, elegant and fit for each individuals personalities.

My experience with this three day evenr was worth EVERY second and days that I spent meeting new people...vendors....linking up with new resources and having FUN All at the same time! I never amiss my divine opportunity this go round this time! It was well worth every bit of it.....-AuthorChrissyBeeQPGInkšŸ

Donot Be Afraid To See The Other Side Of Things ......You Never Seen Before....That Maybe Where Your Divine Treasures May Awaits.....

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